A short trip on the “VOS Sweet”

Picture by Emderin via www.shipspotting.com
Picture by Emderin via http://www.shipspotting.com

In May I was asked by the crewing department from VOS BV, Den Helder if I was available to do a short trip of only 2 weeks as Master / SDPO on the VOS Sweet. Luckily for both parties it fitted nicely in between our own planned things so I was able to say yes to this.
In the second week of june I joined the vessel and, although the VOS Sweet is slightly different than the VOS Shine, it all was very familiar and I felt “at home” soon enough again. There was a nice atmosphere on board and I met some colleagues I worked with before and plenty new ones.
The vessel was actually engaged in a smilar job for the same client as the “VOS Shine” was doing when I left the vessel for the last time in 2014.
The next 2 weeks were good, visited some familiar places and had a very interesting time while working on the River Ems, near Borkum.

Many thanks to VOS BV for this opportunity and maybe we’ll be working together again in the future.