A short trip on the “VOS Sweet”

Picture by Emderin via www.shipspotting.com
Picture by Emderin via http://www.shipspotting.com

In May I was asked by the crewing department from VOS BV, Den Helder if I was available to do a short trip of only 2 weeks as Master / SDPO on the VOS Sweet. Luckily for both parties it fitted nicely in between our own planned things so I was able to say yes to this.
In the second week of june I joined the vessel and, although the VOS Sweet is slightly different than the VOS Shine, it all was very familiar and I felt “at home” soon enough again. There was a nice atmosphere on board and I met some colleagues I worked with before and plenty new ones.
The vessel was actually engaged in a smilar job for the same client as the “VOS Shine” was doing when I left the vessel for the last time in 2014.
The next 2 weeks were good, visited some familiar places and had a very interesting time while working on the River Ems, near Borkum.

Many thanks to VOS BV for this opportunity and maybe we’ll be working together again in the future.


Last trip on the VOS Shine II


Today I signed off from the VOS Shine for the last time. It was just a short trip of 2 weeks, mainly meant to familiarize my reliever with the vessel and everything else but it was a good trip; we had beautifull weather as the above pic shows.

It’s not the best feeling leaving a vessel on which you have spend so much time and put so much effort in but I can say that everybody o/b did a fantastic job over the last one & half year and the vessel is showing it. We did have a shed load of fun on it and I’m sure that will continue so. I’m wishing VOS bv, the vessel & crew nothing but good, calm seas & following winds.

In the mean time I’m really looking forward to my next challenging role: master/SDPO on the SIEM MOXIE.

PIcture via the interwebs.
Picture via the interwebs.

A lot of new stuff will be thrown at me when  I board that vessel: New company offcourse with all the bells & whistles that come with that, a brandnew vessel with an X-bow (never sailed on one of them before), MT DP-system (new to me), Void Schneider-propulsion (also new to me), Norwegian flag (getting boring but again: new to me). Like I said: a challenge. And I’m really looking forward to it

But before that chapter takes off I have some time to spend at home, not too much and it’s already packed to the gills with stuff to do (among which a Norwegian Legislation course in Norway). Hopefully it’ll be nice summery weather so that in between all the planned activities I can relax a bit in the garden & enjoy the sun.

Company & Open day MIWB

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 12.06.33Like the years before also this year the Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz on Terschelling in the Netherlands is organising a “company day” for the current students to orientate themselves while looking for a company to do their apprenticeship or somewhere to work once they are graduated. These 2 days with presentations by various companies and stands of many more are this year on the 6th & 7th of march.Following this, on saturday the 8th of march, there will be an Open Day of the Maritime Institute to present themselves to interested potential new students from all over the country.

Vroon Offshore Services BV will have a stand on all 3 days in the main hall of the institutes building, they will also do a presentation on thursday afternoon.
I, together with a few of my colleagues (from the office & the fleet) will be there for all that time, manning the stand of VOS BV giving information & answerring questions from anybody interested

As, manymany years ago I studied on & graduated from this school (and have been back a few times for courses) it will be a bit of a trip into the past but I’m sure it’ll be fun. Am looking forward to it as well.
So if you happen to find yourself on Terschelling at the end of this week: come & say hi, I’ll be the one wearing a grey “VOS Shine”-poloshirt.