Going to the land Down Under


Today I’ll be departing “summery” Netherlands for wintertime in the land Down Under, Oz or Australia, however you want to call it. And to be exact: Fremantle is the destination.
Over there I’ll be joining the Oceangoing Drill Vessel “Joides Resolution” as a SDPO for a trip of 2 months. This vessel is owned and managed by ODL, Groningen (a full subsidiary of Siem Offshore, Kristiansand) so I’m back with the same company, you could actually say I almost never really left.

The vessel will be engaged in scientific drilling operations; drilling core samples and collecting measurements from under the ocean floor, more info can be found HERE on her own dedicated webpage.
During the coming trip this will be done on various locations on the W & NW-coast of the Australian continent.

This will be a completely different type of vessel, role and project than I’m used to so it’ll be fun to see what’s going on and an exciting new challenge once again. I’ve already heard from various sources that the crew is very good and the atmosphere o/b even better: I’ll find out soon enough but I am genuinely looking forward to this trip.


A short trip on the “VOS Sweet”

Picture by Emderin via www.shipspotting.com
Picture by Emderin via http://www.shipspotting.com

In May I was asked by the crewing department from VOS BV, Den Helder if I was available to do a short trip of only 2 weeks as Master / SDPO on the VOS Sweet. Luckily for both parties it fitted nicely in between our own planned things so I was able to say yes to this.
In the second week of june I joined the vessel and, although the VOS Sweet is slightly different than the VOS Shine, it all was very familiar and I felt “at home” soon enough again. There was a nice atmosphere on board and I met some colleagues I worked with before and plenty new ones.
The vessel was actually engaged in a smilar job for the same client as the “VOS Shine” was doing when I left the vessel for the last time in 2014.
The next 2 weeks were good, visited some familiar places and had a very interesting time while working on the River Ems, near Borkum.

Many thanks to VOS BV for this opportunity and maybe we’ll be working together again in the future.

MV “Besant” trips

2015-04-28 13.29.12

A little bit late but due to some busy times I didn’t really have the opportunity to make a post about it.
For TOS I made 3 trips in April & May to Vietnam to act as Master / SDPO during the yard, client acceptance & DP-FMEA trials on the EGS “Besant”.
I had never been to Vietnam, which was an experience on its own, love to go back there on day again and have some proper time to do sight-seeing & other touristy stuff. Very beautiful country and nice people there!
The trials itself were very interesting, very busy as well. Learned some stuff again and got to do things that you normally not get to do with a vessel (rudder trials, crash-stops etc). That was actually quite fun!

2015-05-24 11.51.19

Many thanks to TOS & Damen Shipyards for given me the opportunity (and being very flexible) to do this job and hopefully we’ll be able to cooperate again in the future.

A short job in Vietnam

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 13.14.28Today I’m flying to Hai Phong in Vietnam for a small job of a 2-3 weeks assisting the building team of the local Damen shipyard and to act as the master of the EGS Bresant during the Yard & DP-FMEA trails.

EGS Besant

I’m really looking forward to what looks like an interesting & fun job and, as I’ve never been to Vietnam before, I’m hoping that we might have a bit of time to enjoy the local sights.

For this job I’m employed by TOS for Damen Shipyards.