Oriental Endeavour

You might remember the book “Rats, rust & 2 old ladies” written by D. Creamer about the voyage from 2 little old tugs from Bahrain to Trinidad. I wrote something about that book because I was on one of those tugs, please read about it here.

Now Captain Dave has written a new book, about the voyage of 2 other tugs from West Africa to Singapore. I wasn’t on one of them but I heard a lot of stories about this trip from my colleagues and what I heard sounded even more challenging than the trip we did on the Justine & Martha.
And now you can read about it as well: Oriental Endeavour will be published in the beginning of December. I already ordered a copy for myself: you can do to: HERE.

And below is an excerpt to make you curious: Continue reading “Oriental Endeavour”


Redwise Exhibition

Redwise, the company I worked for from September 2002 till August 2006, a time I have fond memories of, has a long history, they go back more than a 100 years. In honor of that achievement the “National Sleepvaart Museum Maassluis” (National Towing Museum in Maassluis in the Netherlands) has an exhibition with Redwise as the prime subject.

The exhibition is being held from 27th of March till 26th of September 2010. I haven’t been yet but I’m definitely going when I’m in the neighborhood.

Rats, Rust & 2 Old Ladies

Picture from own collection

Rats, Rust & 2 Old Ladies

This is just a shameless plug!! You might have already noticed the tug “Justine” on the “My vessels”-page and maybe even wondered what that one was all about. Well….please keep on reading.

In 2003 2 complete crews of Redwise Shipdelivery were flown out from The Netherlands to Bahrain to deliver two 38 year old ex-American tugs to the other side of the world: Trinidad. I was one of the total 12 persons, 6 per boat. The trip we had was one that I’ll never forget, so much happened, so much went wrong…Unbelievable!. Continue reading “Rats, Rust & 2 Old Ladies”