Back home after a long trip

Picture courtesy of crew Joides Resolution IODP Expedition 368

And I’m back home again!

Last week, after a longer than expected trip of about 3 months we’ve handed over the vessel to the very satisfied owners in Skagen, Denmark and we flew home quite quickly after that.

It’s good to be home, hopefully I get to enjoy the summer in Europe a bit until the next job comes along.


Back home after a challenging trip

Picture by fabianv via
Picture by fabianv via

On Tuesday I came home again after a bit of a challenging trip on the MF “Ionas” from Ventspils to Piraeus.¬† The ship itself was already almost 30 years old and as you can imagine not everything was in the same condition anymore as when it was upon newbuilding. But with a bit of elbow grease & some ingenuity we kept everything working OK. Also the weather proved to be a bit of a hand full, several times we had to shelter or to heave to to keep things comfortable.
We did go somewhere where I hadn’t been yet and which was on my bucketlist: the Corinth Canal, pretty impressive and it’s a bit of a shame I had to steer the vessel but I got to see quite a bit of it anyway. It’s not often you get the chance for an experience like this and I’m pretty chuffed we got to do it.


So after handing the vessel over after a challenging but successful trip I’m home again for some R&R but not for long: end of next week my wife & I are going to New Zealand for a few weeks. Really looking forward to that!

And that’s why I’m also not available until the beginning of April. See you then, I’ll be in touch!


Reflections on a nice trip

The delivery voyage on the double ended ferry “Hornelen” from Turkey to Norway has finished already. It was a nice trip, and very fast as well: the ship made much better speed than expected and we had good weather all the way around except for a bit of rolling in the Bay of Biscay and on the North Sea.

So where I expected to be away for about 4 weeks I was home just after 3. Everybody involved in this delivery voyage was very happy with this outcome.

You can read more about the trip on the Redwise Maritime Services website, unfortunately for most it’s in dutch. Sorry.

And after arrival & handover of the vessel back to the owners we went home……by ferry (only till Bergen from where we took the plane).

One thing did stand out for me, and I knew this from my earlier visits to Norway: Norway is a beautiful, rugged country, really nice. I do love sailing through the Fjords.
It was also very nice to work for Redwise again, a very professional & pleasant company to work for, thanks a lot guys!

So now some R&R, a course and a holiday and then I’ll be ready to go on again for another trip per the 17th of October. Please do get in touch (via here) if you have something interesting for me.

Back home again from Down Under.


Last week we safely arrived on the RGS “Stoker” in Fremantle (Fleet Base West actually) after an uneventful delivery voyage from Haiphong, Vietnam, managed by IMS pty ltd. It was almost like a mini-cruise, sailing through beautiful surroundings with very nice weather all the way down to Western Australia. I am more than certain I can speak for the whole crew if I said that we thoroughly enjoyed it.
And compliments to the Damen Newbuilding team from CT189-shipyard for delivering a vessel that was properly sorted out, we had no problems at all during the whole trip.
After our initial arrival on Fremantle Roads we picked up a small group of passengers and almost immediately headed out to deeper water again for some remaining DP & other trials that still had to be done before delivery. Due to the wind picking up we had a bit of a challenge during these trials but all went fine anyway.

2016-02-01 15.47.05

After mooring the vessel at it’s new homeport, where the sistership EGS “Besant” was moored as well we handed the vessel over to the satisfied owner and we were ready to go home. It was good to see the “Besant” again, now fully operational (it’s not often you get to photograph 2 sistervessels together on both of which you have been captain).

Except that I didn’t go home, I stayed in Fremantle for a week for holiday, had a good time and saw lots of the city and it’s surrounding area’s. Really liked the city and loved the time I spend there, met all kinds of interesting & friendly people.
In this week I also met up with Mark Pointon, the Senior Instructor (DP) – Business Development Manager at the Farstad Shipping Offshore Simulation Centre who gave me a tour through the whole facility in Fremantle….very impressive. I’d really recommend it if you are looking for a DP-course or other offshore training in Western Australia.

And now I’m home again. But hopefully not for long: I’m available for all kinds of maritime and/or offshore things from the 1st of march. So if you need somebody as Captain, Chief Officer, SDPO or for something else: please do get in touch and we’ll see whether we can cooperate in this.

Many thanks to International Maritime Services, Damen Shipyards & DMS for the pleasant cooperation during this trip.


Back hom from possibly the last trip on the Siem Moxie.

2014-10-07 18.38.16I’m home again after 4 action filled weeks on the ISV Siem Moxie. It was good again, managed to get a lot of improvements done to the vessel, finished off some small remaining projects in the Amrumbank W OWF and are now back supporting the CLV Siddis Mariner laying inter-array cables.

Unfortunately this might as well have been my last trip on the Mighty Moxie for the near future, very unexpectedly soon. But where ever a door closes another one opens and a new challenge begins.
More on that when that decision has indeed been made final, for now I’m going to enjoy at least 6 weeks of R&R with a lot of activities planned.

Oh, and for some giggles: a small design modification I proposed, don’t know if everybody agrees with it. I think it looks cool!

Shark Moxie
Picture by Marcus-S via, extra paintjob by me.

Back on the Siem Moxie


After a relatively short leave of about 5 weeks, in which I have managed to cram a lot of activities I’m now back on board of the ISV Siem Moxie again.
Amongst other things  I did a MT LLC Bridgemate DP-maintenance course, held in the Maersk Training centre in Svendborg (a beautifull equipped and well run centre, I was impressed) which answerred a lot of questions about the vessel DP-system. Was very enlightening! The MT-gut doing the course really did well, managed to transfer his enthusiasme about his product to the whole group, and I do like the MT-philosophy!

I also did a short course for the TM-Master V2 maintenance/procurement software, seems to be a very good & easy to use piece of kit, can’t wait to ditch the current software we are using and start with this, will be an improvement!

Anyway, now back o/b: some TP-grouting operations to be finished, some other small jobs to do and then back to our core-bizznizz: supporting the cable-laying operations in the Amrumbank W OWF.

First trip on the Siem Moxie


I just finished my first trip on the Siem Moxie and I liked it a lot, it was a good trip!!

After succesfully finishing the Norwegian Maritime Rules & Regulations course and applying for my Norwegian CoC’s I immidiately joined the Siem Moxie in the Amrumbank W OWF.

First impressions: nicely designed & built vessel, loads of high-tech, a lot of new things to find out, friendly crew, plenty of power and very manoeuvrable (Voith Schneiders rock!). One of the pilots who guided us into Cuxhaven actually compared it to Starship Enterprise, and that sounds about right.
But loads of work to do as well: setting things up, administration, requisitions, organising stores, etc etc all things that come up with a new ship. A nice challenge!

This is what we did, a lot!

And indeed it was a good trip, perfect weather all the time, nice crew, interesting work. Due to circumstances the trip lasted a bit longer than expected but nothing that was unmanageable.

Now first 5 weeks of doing nothing at all at home (except for the wife’s to-do list) and some courses and then we’ll back in action again.