Some of the projects I have had the pleasure of being involved in during my career.

OSV “VOS Stone”from Brave Tern 01   

Offshore Gangway “Walk-2Work” , CTV handling & Offshore Supply operations during the building of Offshore Windfarms

A modern powerfull & highly manoeuvrable vessel fitted out with an 50 AHC crane and an Ampelmann motion compensated gangway with crane function.
I joined the vessel during its first project in the Baltic Sea and continued for a number of years while supporting the manufacturers commisioning activities in various windfarms.
We quickly build up a well functioning team on board and streamlined all processes that are necessary for 24 hr/day service with minimal downtime and portcalls.

ISV “Siem Moxie”

Offshore gangway / Cable Installation Support in an Offshore Windfarm

A very high-tech vessel: Integrated MT-bridge & DP-systems, Voith-Schneider propulsion, Uptime Active-motion compensated gangway and a MacGregor 3D-motion compensated crane.
I joined the vessel while she was busy with her first project: Supporting a cablelayer with the installation & pull-in of the inter-array cables in the Amrumbank W OWF.  Together with the crew I continued to set up all administrative & maintenance systems, improve the vessel where necessary and streamline the operations while finding out the operational limits & possibilities of the vessel.

OSV “VOS Shine”

Various projects in Northern European Waters

I boarded the vessel a few months after delivery from the shipyard, spend a lot of time & effort, together with the crew, to get the vessel in a suitable working condition.
In the mean time we have been engaged in a lot of different projects: Diving, (work-class) ROV-operations, Trenching, Subsea construction, Accomodation & Passenger transfer ops and UXO-clearance. All for a wide variety of clients: Bluestream, Osiris, GdF-Suez, Boskalis Offshore, Serco Denholm, Forewind, SeaTerra & more. Most of these jobs were done on DP with an occasional one on 4-point mooring, for every project the vessel was specifically mobilised with the required client’s equipment & materials.

OSV “VOS Satisfaction”

Various projects in Northern European Waters

While I was on board of the vessel she has been engaged in a wide variety of projects & operations for several clients, ie Heinrich Hirdes, Pangeo Subsea, Deep Ocean, DONG Energy, Vestas, Fluor & many more, mainly in regards to the Offshore Wind Farm Sector. Operations were either performed while vessel was on DP or anchored in a 4-point mooring spread. For every project the vessel was specifically mobilised with either Survey equipment, Diving spreads or a (work-class) ROV-spread.

MV “Fairplayer”

Cascade & Chinook project

Installation of Free-standing Hybrid risers. Transportation of 5 Buoyancy cans from Finland to the Gulf of Mexico. Installation of B-cans with attached riserstring in 2500 m deep water, in (very) close co-operation with Technips Deep Pioneer & Deep Blue.

MV “Jumbo Javelin”

Greater Gabbard Offshore Windfarm Project

Installation of Transition Pieces on already installed monopiles. Acces to and from installed TP by means of the Ampelmann. Grouting of TP to monopile.

North Amethyst Project :
installation of a variety of modules weighing upto 175 ton on the seafloor off the Grand Banks in a so-called Glory Hole, in co-operation with Technips Deep Pioneer.

OSV / AHTS “Smit Kamara”

Onegas SNS Accommodation vessel

First single hull accommodation vessel equipped with a wave-compensated gangway (OAS). I joined the vessel for her maiden voyage from Singapore to Rotterdam, the 3 month modification period in Rotterdam, offshore-trials and her first working period. And worked on her for another 3 years in the Southern North sea. During my time on board the vessel did in excess of 1700 hook-ups with more than 15000 persons crossing to & from the platform, without any LTI. Also involved in supply, marine acces operations (by FRC), MOB st-by & survey work.

AHTS “Union Manta”

ROV & Subsea Support for DCV Balder

ROV & subsea construction in close co-operation with Heerema’s Balder. Connecting of SSOP Thunderhorse anchorchains to pre-installed mooring lines.

DSV “Noordhoek Singapore”

Various projects, mainly in the Southern North Sea

Airdiving operations close to platforms, ROV-support work, Survey operations.