DP-experience :        >17.000 hours.

* Head of Watch.
* Training & supervising of Trainee & Jr-DPO’s.

Activities :
Diving support, (W)ROV support, Subsea construction,
Survey operations, Environmental sampling, MFE trenching ops.
Offshore support, Offshore gangway (Walk-2-Work) operations, Offshore loading & discharging, Offshore windfarm construction. Cable installation support.
Shallow water DP-operations.
Research Drilling Operations (deep water coring)

Systems :
Kongsberg SDP21 & K-pos
Alstom ADP22
Navis NavDP 4000
MT LLC Bridgemate DP2
Nautronix ASK5003

Position reference  systems :
DGPS (Trimble, Thales, Kongsberg, Fugro Seastar, Veripos & more)
Fanbeam & Cyscan
LTW (Bandak & Alstom)
HIPAP 500 & Sonardyne
RS5D SBL System

>Writing procedures & checklists.
>Reviewing DP-operations manuals.
>Attending HazId & Simop’s meetings.
>Advisory role at project preparations.
>Yard & FMEA trials, Client acceptance trials.
>Installing, maintaining, repairing of DP-equipment.
>Re-loading of DP-computers.

* DP-Training Executive Group (DP-TEG) Committee Member at The International Dynamic Positioning Operators Association.