ECDIS course & availability


When re-applying for my dutch CoC I found out that the ECDIS course I did back in 2009 wasn’t valid anymore and I had to renew my certificate. Oops! As not having a valid CoC is a bit of an hindrance in the job I’m doing I looked for & found somewhere to sit the course and get a new shiny certificate.

So off I went to the ROC NOVA College in IJmuiden where in 5 days they told me all I needed to know about ECDISes, the possibilities and the limitations. To be fair: after working with various kinds of ECDISes for the last 6-7 years I already knew a lot but they still told me stuff I didn’t know. New knowledge is always welcome.

Now the application for the new CoC is send away and hopefully I’ll have it soon so I can start applying for the renewals of the various other CoC’s I have.

My present CoC is still valid till the end of the year so that won’t stop me working for now: I’m available again from the 17th of October to assist you, your company & your crew on board of a vessel that is in need of an experienced Master / Chief Officer / SDPO or another role that you think I’m suitable for. I can be very flexible to meet your needs.

Please do contact me via the normal channels, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible so we can discuss what’s possible.