To Rotterdam & no further….

2016-06-09 16.49.02

And that’s where I left the TSHD “Severnaya Dvina”, not because we broke it but because it was planned this way…
But let’s start from the beginning:
About halfway of April we left Da Nang in Vietnam on the brandnew Damen designed & build TSHD 2000 “Severnaya Dvina”, we called in Singapore for bunkers and some minor repairs, we picked up a security team in Gale, Sri Lanka, we passed the Suez Canal without much trouble and finally arrived in Rotterdam at the end of May. The trip lasted 46 days of which 45 were ranging from beautiful to gorgeous, like this:

2016-05-03 07.29.41

and only the last day was terrible weather: a combination of 24 hours of 45 knots wind, building seas & dense (as in: I can’t see the bow) fog, welcome to the North Sea!

2016-05-30 07.08.26

And in Rotterdam a week of hectic, controlled chaos ensued on the shipyard: fixing all the little nigly bits that popped up during the trip, some stuff that still needed to be done, drydocking  and painting the vessel so it looked tiptop for the client who was anxious to receive the vessel and get it working.

But due to a bit of delay in Vietnam & during the trip I, unfortunately, was no longer able to stay on board as I had earlier made commitments. So a colleague of mine took over command and will bring the vessel to Archangelsk.
So, to quote my wife: “you bring her all the way from Vietnam just to leave her high & dry, typical!  ;-D”

Anyway; I had a good trip, now some time for myself, family & friends, a course here & there and then we’ll see what the next trip will be.