Back on the Northern Hemisphere

After 2 months o/b of the RDV “Joides Resolution”, 4 weeks of holiday in Australia and a short job of about one week in Vietnam I’m back again in Europe.

And I’m looking for a new, fresh & challenging opportunity for 2016.

But first things first:
The trip on the JR was very interesting, from various points of view. The vessel, although not the youngest anymore, is in a very good shape for its age and the work it’s doing is indeed very interesting, I learned a lot about drilling & the science behind coring, the stuff that went on in the laboratories o/b and various other aspects of the vessel. I met a lot of nice people: the crew was excellent and the scientists had a lot of things to tell.
And besides the above: the weather was fantastic for the whole duration of the trip, we saw loads of whales, sharks, turtles and lots more sea wildlife, very very impressive!! I loved every bit of it.
But: the job I was planned to do turned out to be not for me, due to several reasons, some personal, some outside of my influence. So I did a lot of thinking and in the end decided that it was for the best to not continue with this job and look for another one.

My wife & I already had planned to go on holiday in Australia after I disembarked from the vessel in Darwin and that went ahead so we had a 4 week blast touring the East Coast and visiting Uluru. It was great & we’ll be back for sure some day, hopefully sooner than later.
After this holiday my wife went home and I traveled to Vietnam.

2015-10-24 12.07.05
In Vietnam I joined the Damen Shipyard crew as Master / SDPO for the yard-trials of the RSG “Stoker” and spend about a week over there of which 4 days were at sea doing yard trials. These trials went smooth and without any unforeseen problems and all were happy when we moored again at the shipyard in Hai Phong.
In about 2 weeks time I’ll be traveling to Vietnam again for the official sea & client acceptance trials.

But as said: I’m looking for a new challenge for 2016 so if you know of something: please do get in touch!