Going to the land Down Under


Today I’ll be departing “summery” Netherlands for wintertime in the land Down Under, Oz or Australia, however you want to call it. And to be exact: Fremantle is the destination.
Over there I’ll be joining the Oceangoing Drill Vessel “Joides Resolution” as a SDPO for a trip of 2 months. This vessel is owned and managed by ODL, Groningen (a full subsidiary of Siem Offshore, Kristiansand) so I’m back with the same company, you could actually say I almost never really left.

The vessel will be engaged in scientific drilling operations; drilling core samples and collecting measurements from under the ocean floor, more info can be found HERE on her own dedicated webpage.
During the coming trip this will be done on various locations on the W & NW-coast of the Australian continent.

This will be a completely different type of vessel, role and project than I’m used to so it’ll be fun to see what’s going on and an exciting new challenge once again. I’ve already heard from various sources that the crew is very good and the atmosphere o/b even better: I’ll find out soon enough but I am genuinely looking forward to this trip.