MV “Besant” trips

2015-04-28 13.29.12

A little bit late but due to some busy times I didn’t really have the opportunity to make a post about it.
For TOS I made 3 trips in April & May to Vietnam to act as Master / SDPO during the yard, client acceptance & DP-FMEA trials on the EGS “Besant”.
I had never been to Vietnam, which was an experience on its own, love to go back there on day again and have some proper time to do sight-seeing & other touristy stuff. Very beautiful country and nice people there!
The trials itself were very interesting, very busy as well. Learned some stuff again and got to do things that you normally not get to do with a vessel (rudder trials, crash-stops etc). That was actually quite fun!

2015-05-24 11.51.19

Many thanks to TOS & Damen Shipyards for given me the opportunity (and being very flexible) to do this job and hopefully we’ll be able to cooperate again in the future.