Last time in Gdansk

2015-03-01 13.34.10
Today I’m flying back from Gdanks to the Netherlands for the last time, this will also mean that my employment for Siem Offshore has come to an end.
I did have a good time in Gdansk, it’s a very nice & interesting city and I won’t rule out that I will never come back there, but then on a normal holiday.
I also had a good time doing the newbuild supervision on the shipyard, it’s a very interesting job and I learned something, usually quite a bit, every day. I wish I could have finished the job and taken the vessel out of the shipyard but unfortunately that was not meant to be.

So now it’s onwards to the future, I’ll be leaving for Vietnam on thursday for a short job but more on that later this week.
I also got some things lined up for the time after that but those won’t be announced officially till all is confirmed (read: contracts signed).