Looking for a new challenge!


I have to start looking for a new challenge….
Last tuesday, before flying to Gdansk to start the next term as New-build Supervisor for the Siem Aimery  I was invited to the office and was told that, even though I had a permanent contract,  I was made redundant, for economic reasons.
As you can imagine I’m quite disspointed but there is nothing I can do about it so I just have to accept it and carry on…it all seemed so nice, really liked the company, the work I was (and for now still am) doing and the prospects of setting up & sailing out with the new vessel……….

So from the 4th of June (still a bit to go) I’m available for a new challenge, one that hopefully offers me a bit longer employment and a good future.

For now I’m staying & doing my job in Gdansk untill the beginning of march and most probably I’ll come back here for a few weeks in April but in the mean time I’ll be looking very hard for another company to join.

So: if anybody knows of something interesting: you know how to get in touch with me.