Back hom from possibly the last trip on the Siem Moxie.

2014-10-07 18.38.16I’m home again after 4 action filled weeks on the ISV Siem Moxie. It was good again, managed to get a lot of improvements done to the vessel, finished off some small remaining projects in the Amrumbank W OWF and are now back supporting the CLV Siddis Mariner laying inter-array cables.

Unfortunately this might as well have been my last trip on the Mighty Moxie for the near future, very unexpectedly soon. But where ever a door closes another one opens and a new challenge begins.
More on that when that decision has indeed been made final, for now I’m going to enjoy at least 6 weeks of R&R with a lot of activities planned.

Oh, and for some giggles: a small design modification I proposed, don’t know if everybody agrees with it. I think it looks cool!

Shark Moxie
Picture by Marcus-S via, extra paintjob by me.