Back on the Siem Moxie


After a relatively short leave of about 5 weeks, in which I have managed to cram a lot of activities I’m now back on board of the ISV Siem Moxie again.
Amongst other things  I did a MT LLC Bridgemate DP-maintenance course, held in the Maersk Training centre in Svendborg (a beautifull equipped and well run centre, I was impressed) which answerred a lot of questions about the vessel DP-system. Was very enlightening! The MT-gut doing the course really did well, managed to transfer his enthusiasme about his product to the whole group, and I do like the MT-philosophy!

I also did a short course for the TM-Master V2 maintenance/procurement software, seems to be a very good & easy to use piece of kit, can’t wait to ditch the current software we are using and start with this, will be an improvement!

Anyway, now back o/b: some TP-grouting operations to be finished, some other small jobs to do and then back to our core-bizznizz: supporting the cable-laying operations in the Amrumbank W OWF.