First trip on the Siem Moxie


I just finished my first trip on the Siem Moxie and I liked it a lot, it was a good trip!!

After succesfully finishing the Norwegian Maritime Rules & Regulations course and applying for my Norwegian CoC’s I immidiately joined the Siem Moxie in the Amrumbank W OWF.

First impressions: nicely designed & built vessel, loads of high-tech, a lot of new things to find out, friendly crew, plenty of power and very manoeuvrable (Voith Schneiders rock!). One of the pilots who guided us into Cuxhaven actually compared it to Starship Enterprise, and that sounds about right.
But loads of work to do as well: setting things up, administration, requisitions, organising stores, etc etc all things that come up with a new ship. A nice challenge!

This is what we did, a lot!

And indeed it was a good trip, perfect weather all the time, nice crew, interesting work. Due to circumstances the trip lasted a bit longer than expected but nothing that was unmanageable.

Now first 5 weeks of doing nothing at all at home (except for the wife’s to-do list) and some courses and then we’ll back in action again.