Last trip on the VOS Shine II


Today I signed off from the VOS Shine for the last time. It was just a short trip of 2 weeks, mainly meant to familiarize my reliever with the vessel and everything else but it was a good trip; we had beautifull weather as the above pic shows.

It’s not the best feeling leaving a vessel on which you have spend so much time and put so much effort in but I can say that everybody o/b did a fantastic job over the last one & half year and the vessel is showing it. We did have a shed load of fun on it and I’m sure that will continue so. I’m wishing VOS bv, the vessel & crew nothing but good, calm seas & following winds.

In the mean time I’m really looking forward to my next challenging role: master/SDPO on the SIEM MOXIE.

PIcture via the interwebs.
Picture via the interwebs.

A lot of new stuff will be thrown at me when  I board that vessel: New company offcourse with all the bells & whistles that come with that, a brandnew vessel with an X-bow (never sailed on one of them before), MT DP-system (new to me), Void Schneider-propulsion (also new to me), Norwegian flag (getting boring but again: new to me). Like I said: a challenge. And I’m really looking forward to it

But before that chapter takes off I have some time to spend at home, not too much and it’s already packed to the gills with stuff to do (among which a Norwegian Legislation course in Norway). Hopefully it’ll be nice summery weather so that in between all the planned activities I can relax a bit in the garden & enjoy the sun.