A busy trip with loads of variety

Departing from Rotterdam to Cuxhaven, pic by Henk van der Heijden via http://koopvaardij.blogspot.nl
Departing from Rotterdam to Cuxhaven, pic by Henk van der Heijden via http://koopvaardij.blogspot.nl

I’m back home again after a, longer than usual, quite busy trip with loads of variety on the VOS Shine.
we started off with a day of main engine trials to make sure everything was ok after the recent modifications. Accompanied by various persons from the office and mixed with some DP-trials it was a nice day out at sea.
This was followed by 2 days of annual DP FMEA-trials during which we learned a lot, the DP-system was improved by the also present technician from Kongsberg and at the end we received some usefull recommendations from the gentlemen from Global Maritime, offcourse now all implemented.

Next on the list was a short but very intensive “Walk to Work”-project on the Dogger bank in the middle of the North Sea, maintenance work on the 2 Forewind Meteomasts installed over there. Challenging weather & sea conditions were thrown at the vessel but we stuck to it and the project was succesfully finished from the vessels point of view.

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Immediately after this we sailed (via Rotterdam to discharge the Ampelmann equipment) to Cuxhaven where the vessel was mobilised by SeaTerra for an UXO*-clearance project in the NSO-windfarm. The deck turned out to be quite full with a full divingspread, an ROV-spread, a remote controlled airlift and various other pieces of equipment.  I ony did a few days on this interesting project but I expect to continue with it when I return in 4 weeks time. (and hopefully see some stuff get blown up, that’s the fun bit after all)

And, as a final bombshell (pun intended) on the last day on board we received 2 giant caked from our office in Den Helder to celebrate that the whole VOS BV-fleet was LTI-free for one year. Well done to all & continue on this set course!
(oh: and the cakes were very nice as well ;-D )

2014-04-09 11.04.01

And now I’m going to enjoy a couple of weeks at home for some R&R!


* UXO = Unexploded Ordnance: not exploded mines & bombs, in this case usually originating from WWII.