Graves of Arthur Kill Documentary


When I came home from my last trip this DVD was waiting from me and I couldn’t really wait to watch it. Unfortunately I didn’t have time or the opportunity to watch it untill today. And I liked it

The documentary was brought to my attention by Will van Dorp, somebody I met through my activities on my other website Will is the guy behind, a brilliant blog showing all kinds of NYH tugs (mostly but not exclusively). And he now has directed this documentary.

Its subject is the Witte Marine Scrapyard in the Arthur Kill & the slowly decaying wrecks surrounding it and I can hartly recommend it. Yes it’s not as sleek as your usual primetime TV documentaries, it’s a bit rough like the wrecks it’s picturing but it’s very entertaining nonetheless. It lasts just over half an hour but for me it could have been at least twice as long.

See a trailer here, more info here and buy it here.