3FM Serious Request Fundraising by my sisters

2703737018 Every year the Dutch national radio channel 3FM organises a fundraising event in the week leading up to Christmas, they build a glass house in a designated city (Leeuwarden this year) and 3 DJ’s are locked in for almost a week, continously broadcasting their radioshows. People are encourged to organise all kinds of events to raise funds for the benefit of that years chosen charity, this year it’s to raise money to help the Red Cross provide clean toilets & clean water to prevent diarrhea for children all over the world. More info HERE (unfortunately in Dutch only).
Usually it turns out to be a big happening & continous party on the square where the house is located with people bringing their money, messages & other stuff in person to the site.



My sisters Katja & Saskia also organised a fundraiser: Saskia is riding her horse Ojan from Appelscha to Leeuwarden while Katja escorts her by bike.
You can follow them two via Facebook: InGalopvanAppleschanaarLeeuwarden and via Twitter @galopvoorSR .
More importantly:  you can donate money as well (as that’s what it’s all about), either in the collection points in Appelscha & Breda but I can imagine that might be a bit inconvenient so there is also a online possibility, click here or on above pic.

Please support this cause: donate generously & help the girls reach their target.

And hopefully the weather will be nice on saturday & sunday so the trip from Appelscha to Leeuwarden isn’t too harsh and actually enjoyable.