Last trip of 2013 done

IMG_5081The last trip of 2013 was a bit of a mixed bag: very bad weather now & then, nice people to work with, a not very interesting project and a lot of portcalls. We have been working in the Northwind Offshore Windfarm as a Floatel with additional “Walk to Work” operations using an Ampelmann,  as seen in the above picture. Unfortunately these hook-ups can be counted on one hand as the weather was either good enough to do everything by CTV (Crew Transfer Vessel) or so bad all operations were suspended.

I did manage to capture 4 Vroon owned vessels in one pic:


As well as the VOS Shine the following ships are caught in in this picture:
-MPI Resolution busy installing one of the many windmills,
-MPI Cervantes (in the background) &
-MPI Don Quixote (transferring crew to the VOS Shine) doing crewtransfers to and in the field.

So I’m now home for the holidays and even catching some sun for a week in Fuerteventura.