Smit Kamara – Mini-me version

2013-09-21 12.44.52

Last saturday I visited the Mammoet Heavy Transport Open Day 2013 in Rotterdam, and although I find all their equipment and operations very interesting (In the beginning of my career I worked for Mammoet Shipping BV, later Biglift Shipping BV) that wasn’t the only reason I was there.

Mr Adam Louwen, who happens to work for Mammoet Transport was also present during the open day with a few other members of Vaargroep Mailline: a group of likeminded builders of remote controlled scale models of ships. I met Adam while I was working on the Smit Kamara and he came on board to photograph the vessel as he had just started to built a model of this vessel.

You can see the buildtread here on the Modelbouwforum, unfortunately it’s in dutch only but the pictures say more than a thousand words. And although it’s not yet finished by far you can already see the unbelievably detailed & accurate work.

We kept in touch over the years and it was very nice to catch up with him in person although he was indeed very busy that day. He was actually so friendly to let me have a go driving the model through the small pool, good fun!

1234658_520621664684585_1515306674_nSo; that’s me driving the (mini-me version of the) Smit Kamara once again abt 4&half  years after siging off for the last time. Good times once again!

And while driving the model & concentrating to not crash it into anything we were having our “5 minutes of fame”: being interviewed by the local TV which was immediately broadcasted onto the big screen on the main square of the Mammoet pemises to be seen by everyone present.


Adam: Thanks a lot!

Oh: and the rest of the program of the Mammoet open day was also very interesting & fun, my father & me both had a good time.