Back home after 6 weeks o/b.


After a trip of 6 weeks I’m home again, just for a short while though: in 3 weeks time I’ll be back on board.

This trip started out nice & quietly while moored in Holyhead waiting for deployment, that’s where the above pic is taken. We decorated the vessel for the coronation of the new King of the Netherlands on 30-04-2013. Luckily it was a nice day in Holyhead but unfortunately we weren’t present during all the festivities in the Netherlands.

Luckily soon enough a new job came up and for the remainder of the trip we worked from Aberdeen, first time for the vessel to be there but also for me: I managed to do almost 10 years in the North Sea Offshore  Sector without ever having been in Aberdeen, untill this trip.

See my account for more pics of vessels in Aberdeen.