Jumbo’s Cascade & Chinook project movie (updated)

Last year around this time I was employed on the DP2-HLV “Fairplayer”, working in the Gulf of Mexico. The vessel was chartered by Technip USA to install, in collaboration with their own vessels CSO “Deep Blue & CSO “Deep Pioneer” , 5 Free Standing Hybrid Risers (FSHR’s) for the Petrobras America Inc. Cascade & Chinook ultra-deepwater project.

The installation started with the mv “Deep Blue” deploying the riser in its entirety. The mv “Fairplayer” then moved in for a wet handshake, lifting the 2,300 m riser with the fore crane and placing it in a hang-off structure for connection to the buoyancy can. The whole assembly was then overboarded and lowered safely through the splash zone.
After lowering the assembly to 200 m, making deballast-stops underway, Technip made the connection between the riser and its foundation in the seabed at 2,500 m water depth and the mv “Fairplayer’s” hook was released.

Jumbo Offshore just released their promotion-video about the whole project:

Starring me for a split second @ about 33 seconds into the video (look closely & pay attention!).

Update (05-05-2011):

Well: it seems that the above video has been removed by the user, possibly because of the problem that has occurred over the last few days with one of the Buoyancy Cans. Read more here, here & here.