mv “Noordborg”

The mv “Noordborg” is not a vessel I ever worked on but she was owned by an acquaintance of mine so I have a bit of interest in her. She is the last remaining fully original 500 tons coaster originated in the Netherlands. In 1991 she was grounded and declared a Constructive Total Loss. The acquaintance of mine bought her to live on and had the dream of bringing her back in a good condition and maybe even sail on her. Unfortunately life caught up with him and the vessel languished in Zaandam, the Netherlands. Until 2006 when she was bought by a ship broker who gave her the attention she needed and is on a quest to keep her as a museum-ship.

Now she is looking good again and efforts are underway to ensure her future.

More information can be found here on this forum :, unfortunately it is in Dutch so not everybody will be able to read it.

More information can also be found on the site of Dick van der Kamp Shipsales.