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Just add water (and a ship)



I’m currently available for new challenges & opportunities!

Either as Master/SDPO , as Chief officer/SDPO or as SDPO. I’m also open to other possibilities: Client representative, Consultant, Auditor, Newbuild Supervisor, Vessel Inspections, you name it.
For short trips, longer trips, (semi-)permanent contract, on dayrate, (almost) anywhere in the world. Flexibility is my keyword here, it’s upto you to just add water (and a ship).

I’m very happy to discuss with you how we can be of mutual assistance: please see my contact details on the Contact page, send me a message and we’ll start a a discussion about a possible cooperation.

From Taiwan to Denmark on the F/V Alpha

Picture by Burks via http://www.shipspotting.com

After quite some time at home a new trip has presented itself: a delivery voyage from Taiwan to Norway Denmark. So from today I’ll be a bit busy again as master on the F/V Alpha. Hopefully the weather will cooperate but I have good hope it will be a nice trip which I estimate will be about 7-8 weeks.

This trip is managed by Redwise Maritime Services BV and I’m happy to report I have a semi-permanent contract with them from this voyage on. (Check out their website: it’s new!)

Back home after a challenging trip

Picture by fabianv via www.shipspotting.com
Picture by fabianv via http://www.shipspotting.com

On Tuesday I came home again after a bit of a challenging trip on the MF “Ionas” from Ventspils to Piraeus.  The ship itself was already almost 30 years old and as you can imagine not everything was in the same condition anymore as when it was upon newbuilding. But with a bit of elbow grease & some ingenuity we kept everything working OK. Also the weather proved to be a bit of a hand full, several times we had to shelter or to heave to to keep things comfortable.
We did go somewhere where I hadn’t been yet and which was on my bucketlist: the Corinth Canal, pretty impressive and it’s a bit of a shame I had to steer the vessel but I got to see quite a bit of it anyway. It’s not often you get the chance for an experience like this and I’m pretty chuffed we got to do it.


So after handing the vessel over after a challenging but successful trip I’m home again for some R&R but not for long: end of next week my wife & I are going to New Zealand for a few weeks. Really looking forward to that!

And that’s why I’m also not available until the beginning of April. See you then, I’ll be in touch!


Home, holidays & on board again.

Picture by det via www.shipspotting.com
Picture by det via http://www.shipspotting.com

We had a very good trip on the MF “Losna“, if you had told me before departure that we would have wind in the stern for about 80% of the trip I wouldn’t have believed you but that’s what happened anyway. Due to this we made a very good average speed and we arrived in Floro in the week before Christmas so we were all home nicely in time for the festive days.
Since my arrival at home it has been very busy: the holidays off course, some family matters and my wife & I managed to spend a few days in the sun as well.

But duty called sooner than expected and I was asked, once again by Redwise Maritime Services BV, to do another delivery. And it’s a ferry once again!
This time it’s the MF “Ionas“, departing from Ventspils in Latvia to Piraeus in Greece (via the Nord-Ostsee Kanal). Almost exactly the same route but in the opposite direction of the last 2 trips I made. It’s really starting to look like a ferry service this way.

So I’ll be busy again for the next coming weeks, a nice way to start New Year. We’re going from the cold to a warmer climate so what’s not to like. Hopefully the weather cooperates the same as it did on the previous 2 trips and we’ll be home sooner than expected once again.




Copy, paste & repeat!

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 21.18.27No, this is not a repost!

On Sunday on I’ll be doing the same thing again as I did a few months ago: travel to Turkey to start preparations for the delivery voyage of a double-ended ferry from Tuzla to Florø in Norway.
And yes indeed; it’s the sistervessel of the MF “Hornelen”, this is the second & last ferry in the series and is called the MF “Losna”. And as far as I’m aware, it’s exact the same vessel, except that this one has bow & stern visors. I guess I managed to do a satisfactory job last time so I’m acting as captain once again as well.
And then there is the issue of the weather: where the first voyage was pretty good I do expect a bit rougher weather & resulting seas this time of year. I assume we won’t be breaking speed records on this trip.  We probably will not arrive in Norway before the New Year but who knows: I’m happy to be surprised.

And off course this voyage is also done under the competent management of Redwise Maritime Services.


ECDIS course & availability


When re-applying for my dutch CoC I found out that the ECDIS course I did back in 2009 wasn’t valid anymore and I had to renew my certificate. Oops! As not having a valid CoC is a bit of an hindrance in the job I’m doing I looked for & found somewhere to sit the course and get a new shiny certificate.

So off I went to the ROC NOVA College in IJmuiden where in 5 days they told me all I needed to know about ECDISes, the possibilities and the limitations. To be fair: after working with various kinds of ECDISes for the last 6-7 years I already knew a lot but they still told me stuff I didn’t know. New knowledge is always welcome.

Now the application for the new CoC is send away and hopefully I’ll have it soon so I can start applying for the renewals of the various other CoC’s I have.

My present CoC is still valid till the end of the year so that won’t stop me working for now: I’m available again from the 17th of October to assist you, your company & your crew on board of a vessel that is in need of an experienced Master / Chief Officer / SDPO or another role that you think I’m suitable for. I can be very flexible to meet your needs.

Please do contact me via the normal channels, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible so we can discuss what’s possible.